How many types of Fiber optic cables?


Is there any fixed answer for my question? People say there are many types of fiber optic cables, but nobody specifically say how many types. Can anybody write down the type of fiber optic cables here?

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Simply say, there are two types;

– Terrestrial fiber optic cables
– Under-water fiber optic cables

You then divide each of the above category in to as many as you like;

Terrestrial fiber optic cable
– Aerial Cable
– All di-electric self supporting
– Figure-8 self supporting
– Lashed aerial
– Indoor Cable
– Plenum
– Riser
– Underground Cable
– Duct cable
– Direct buried cable

Under-water fiber optic cable
– Submarine fiber optic cable
– River crossing cables

The above is based on the application and to some extent design. If you go by design, there are many. Almost all fiber optic cable manufacturer introduce or customize their design in order to differentiate.

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